Narrative is a content network that rewards creators, moderators and all who add value. 85 percent of all revenue is distributed to users. Narrative Alpha is focused on creating niches, which will serve as the home for subject-oriented content. The full platform will launch in beta later this year.

Narrative is now open for pre-registration, so claim your spot in line! Once the current signup round reaches its goal, you can register for Narrative Alpha, claim your handle, suggest and bid on niches and become eligible for our referral rewards program.

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What is a Niche?

Core to Narrative, niches are communal posting areas that create subject-oriented streams where quality content, not ad revenue, rules. Whether you are interested in owning/promoting a niche or consuming/creating content, there will be a home for you with a wide variety of niches ranging from pop culture topics to news and hobbies.

Narrators Create, Consume and Rate Content, Moderators Curate Content and Owners Promote Niches.
All Are Rewarded!



Ten percent of all Network Rewards revenue is distributed to niche owners on a pro rata basis, based on the overall popularity of the niche. This incentivizes owners to promote their channels and appoint excellent moderators.



Each niche must have at least one community-voted moderator who is responsible for curating and managing the content and comments posted to the niche, and also shares in the Network Rewards at 6 percent.


Content Creators

All Narrators can subscribe to niches and contribute, subject to moderation. Narrators who post content on the network, or Content Creators, earn 60 percent of Network Rewards.

Securing A Niche

Because Narrative will be a completely member-run network, the process for creating a niche involves the entire community. Niches are suggested by Narrators, reviewed by the community and are made available through a public auction process. Niche ownership is currently available for members of our Chaucer Alpha.

Narrative Beta coming later this year Claim Your Spot
Flipping the Big Social model, Narrative is a content network that puts the members in charge, makes good content easy to find, and distributes 85 percent of revenue to users.

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